The tone on this guitar is perfect for fingerstyle jazz or just about any kind of jazz playing. The neck feels great and plays like butter. Playing this one unplugged you can immediately tell it is well voiced and alive. That of course translates when you plug in, there is a great 'airy' quality to go with the strong tone of the Z-90 pickup. This is a great Jazz box for the gigging musician or avid player.

Free Jazz Project: Recorded live at LA Guitar Factory's ongoing Sunday Concert series. Dec 12, 2016

Ari Lehtela: Guitar, with and without Synth
John Shaughnessy: Bass, with and without Synth
Scott Thompson: Synth
Dave Bullard: Drumset, without Synth

Recorded at LA Guitar Factory in Newell, NC.

Randy Clay, The Versatile Guitarist , teaches guitar at Uwharrie Music, between Albemarle and Troy, NC, Music Hub Connect, Concord, NC.:  "I Don't Need No Doctor" most notably recorded by Ray Charles in 1966 and John Scofield, featuring John Mayer in 2005. Here I am playing around with the song using a custom built guitar built by Ari Lehtela with David Gilmore Series EMG pickups, played through a Fuchs Train 45 amp and slight use of a Full-Drive 3 pedal by Fulltone. All backing tracks and vocals recorded by me at my project studio.