Just what is custom?
Unlike some makers, Lehtela instruments are handcrafted to individual player specifications. Included in the list of Custom Specs are important details such as:
- Soundboard material
- Body depth
- Nut width
- Neck profile
- Electronics options
After discussion between the player and the luthier, the custom options menu is established with the goal of producing an instrument which is able to deliver the specific sound, feel and ergonomics best suited to the player

What is the function of the side mounted soundholes?
Certain LGC models, such as the Jazz Tango, come equipped with two oval soundholes mounted on each side of the lower bout. Each soundhole includes two removable Ebony wood plates of two different size. Per physics of sound, the smaller the opening the lower the resonant pitch of the enclosure ( the body of the guitar) and vice a versa with a larger opening the higher the res.pitch.
Up to three different openings can be achieved for each soundhole - open, 1/2 open, or closed.
The player is encouraged to try out different size combinations both acoustically and amplified to find the combination that yields the sound they're after. Unlike with traditional soundholes, the player has yet even more control over the final sound.

Why do some of the models come equipped with a movable pickup?
The movable pickup allows for subtle or readily noted variances in how the pickup hears the plucked string. By slightly loosening the two fasteners the pickup may be moved to any position along its track, with an app. total range of 1". In some ways similar to the adjustable soundholes, the player can customize their sound by finding the 'sweet spot' of the amplified instrument.