Performance Gallery

WEST EATS MEAT (April 30, 2017 LAGF Concert Series)

Ari Lehtela - guitar, sursringar, fretless guitar
John Shaughnessy - bass
John Spurrier - drums

BAGWELL, BRENDLE & NANAA (January 29, 2017 LAGF Concert Series)

Brent Bagwell - saxophone
Ron Brendle - bass
Seth Nanaa - drums

Brent Bagwell and Seth Nanaa were members of the noted Brooklyn based group EASTERN SEABOARD.
Ron Brendle is a freelance bassist who has played with noted artists such as Clark Terry and Mose Allison.

WEST EATS MEAT (January 15, 2017 LAGF Concert Series)

John Shaughnessy - Bass
Ari Lehtela - Sarod, Surshringar, microtonal guitar , Fretted and Fretless " Tela " model
Special Guest: James Brock - Nagari
John Spurrier (drums) was unable to attend due to illness

Free Jazz Project (December 11, 2016 LAGF concert)

Scott Thompson, keyboards
Dave Bullard, drums
John Shaugnessy, electric 6-string bass, " Kai 6 " model built by Ari Lehtela
Ari Lehtela , fretted " TELA " model built by Ari Lehtela

Charlotte Guitar Trio (November 18, 2016 LAGF concert)

Aris Quiroga , nylon string guitar and hand percussion
Troy Conn, fretless guitar
Ari Lehtela, fretless " TELA " model built by Ari Lehtela

Lehtela Guitar Craft Band at the second annual Charlotte Mini Maker Faire

Ari Lehtela and endorsee Troy Conn performing at the Charlotte Mini Maker Faire that was held at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC on October 8, 2016.