This single cutaway acoustic guitar is designed for the player in need of qualities not found in traditional carved-top guitars. Using the ergonomic body design also found in the Jazz Wonder, the Tango also features the movable floating neck pickup. This is a feature that many of my customers really like. The Jazz Tango is also the instrument that was the first to feature the adjustable soundhole. The two oval shaped soundholes are mounted on the sides of the instrument. The size of the openings is adjustable by means of removable Ebony plates of differing size.


    single cutaway acoustic guitar designed for the player in need of qualities not found in traditional carved-top guitars
    carved and tap-tuned top plate of spruce, redwood or spanish cedar, carved and tap-tuned back of figured maple, mahogany, bubinga as well as other exotic woods with matching sides
    on piece, two piece or multi-laminate neck of figured maple, mahogany, bubinga or zebrawood, other woods available
    ebony fingerboard
    unique sound hole design and location . two sound holes are placed on the sides near lower bout of the body leaving the top plate undisturbed by f-hole . the size of the sound holes may be adjusted by the player with the included sound hole covers . resonant pitch of the instrument changes according to the size of the opening . this feature in addition to moveable, floating pickup gives the player an almost unlimited control over the voicing of the instrument
    sides, neck block and end block are further reinforced by two hardwood braces running lengthwise on the inside of the body . this reinforcement stabilizes the wall of the instrument which in turn contributes to added sustain, volume and projection . also, the top and back plates vibrate more freely with less influence from the stiffer sides
    Sperzel machine heads
    25.5" scale length

lower bout: 16.75"; overall length: 41"; thickness: 2.5" - 3.25" at sides

7-string version (w/ optional 26" scale length) . graphite bar neck reinforcement . shallow (semi-flat) profile neck . 1 11/16" or 1 13/16" nut width . florentine cutaway, with higher access to upper fretboard (see diagram to right) . moveable, floating Kent Armstrong jazz pickup  . X-braced or parallel braced top . piezo transducer bridge . available with a radiused back instead of carved back or radiused top and back (similar to steel-string acoustic guitar construction)