This is my traditional 'jazz box' with a few small but welcome changes. First, the body is somewhat shorter in length than the usual which allows the player easier reach to the strings. The second feature is the MOVABLE floating pickup which gives the player the ability to zero in on that sought after sweet spot . This is the jazz box for the player that needs that sound but were not getting it.

This single cutaway acoustic guitar is designed for the player in need of qualities not found in traditional carved-top guitars. Using the ergonomic body design also found in the Jazz Wonder, the Tango also features the movable floating neck pickup. This is a feature that many of my customers really like. The Jazz Tango is also the instrument that was the first to feature the adjustable soundhole. The two oval shaped soundholes are mounted on the sides of the instrument. The size of the openings is adjustable by means of removable Ebony plates of differing size.

This instrument was designed to meet a common need for many players - a multi-function guitar with a hollowbody vibe. With the smaller body size and dual pickup option, the Blue will yield to your style and touch, be it jazz, fusion or the Blues. Available as a full hollowbody, semi-hollowbody and in 2006, Solid Blue. The Solid Blue will continue the legacy of the instrument in a solidbody format. Amongst its features will be a thin, lightweight and highly resonant body with a mortise and tenon joined neck. All of the above are also available with an offset double-cutaway body design.

Your Daddy's tele' never sounded or looked this good. Designed back in 1992, the ' Tela was originally designed as a thin hollowbody AKA Jazz ' Tela. With a body design loosely based, but modified, on a well-known vintage shape, the concept was to craft an instrument that really felt and played like a solidbody but was constructed like a jazz hollowbody. Interestingly enough, with properly selected woods and special bracing design, the Jazz 'Tela produces a very full and round sound. The combination of the smaller body shape and thickness tunes the body to a lower fundamental pitch which is in turn is heard in the sound of the instrument as it's played. You'll hear a strong and full fundamental, plus overtones, with next to no feedback under most amplified playing situations.Also available as a solidbody, ' Tela SB, for those who just like solidbodies.

6A, 7A & 8A
Our most popular shape, and for good reason. Available as a 6-, 7- and 8-string. This instrument is available as both a nylon-string and steel-string. And, this instrument is built as a tone-chambered and a full acoustic model with a proprietary bracing system.

One of our most unique and popular instruments. This carved-top nylon-string, available as both a 6- and 7-string, has a very recognizable tone. Think Django on steroids! Originally designed as a unique carved top nylon string and it is also available as a tone-chambered version for higher volume playing situations.

Tango Petite/Baby Tango
A 17" scale version of our Tango. This is NOT a toy so don't take it to the beach or use as a weapon unless absolutely necessary. Available as both a solidbody (Baby Tango) or hollowbody (tango petite). The Tango Petite was designed to accommodate certain players with special needs - those with smaller physical reach as well as those looking for a high quality jazz hollowbody in a ' travel-size ' form. Note that the Petite is small only in size - it comes with all of the special features found in the Jazz Tango, only in a smaller package. Available in 3/4 or 7/8 size. Also available as a 1/2 size solidbody known as the Baby Tango.