Hybrid Instruments

GitMando: just what the name implies - a combination of steel-string acoustic and mandolin. This is a double neck instrument with the steel-string neck on the upper left and the mandolin on the lower right. The individual bridges are floating allowing global intonation adjustments and also house RMC-piezo saddles. The strings of both necks come together in one common tailpiece housed at the end of the body.

Sadari: this instrument combines fretless, frets with equal temperament as well as microtonal frets within one neck. 
Both the body and neck is hollow yielding a dynamic sound not found elsewhere. Click on Sadari above for a complete description of available versions and options. 

Sitari:  Also a double-necked instrument, the lower right neck is a short scale sitar neck housing large curved nickel silver or stainless steel frets which are movable and removable. Unlike the traditional sitar the frets here are fastened with decorative button head screws in place of gut or twine for a much more secure positioning. The second neck starts with the first string fretless followed by three courses of steels within an equal tempered and micro-toned fretting section similar to that of the Turkish Saz followed by three drone strings. Finally, a set of sympathetic strings are also added here complete with a "buzzy bridge." Hollowbody and neck construction throughout. Electronic options include clip-on mic and/or piezo element. magnetic pickup also available.

Gitari: Fretless Guitar. The operating body shape is the TELA but other options are available include custom design. The two basic and critical options are acoustic or solidbody. Fingerboard options include aluminum, ebony or african blackwood. The necks are available non-hollow or hollowed out. The non-hollow version includes a two-way adjustable truss rod whereas the hollow version is engineered with a fixed " rod " in the center of either u-channel aluminum or trilaminate bar of two pieces of hardwood with a graphite bar center.         An array of pickup and piezo choices are available. A range of scale lengths are made available to the player starting with 22 7/8" ( tuned as high as F" above high E ), 24 1/2 or 25 " scale with E highest open string, and several longer scales such as 26 1/8", 27.5 " or 30 " with the highest note dropping down to C # or D with the 30" scale. Hollow neck design is recommended for a hollowbody Gitari. The solidbody design may come with hollowe or solid neck design. The solid neck w/ truss rod is the desired choice for the player looking for a more compressed tone with long sustain.

Kitara/Kitari:  A special hybrid that comes with two removable necks. One neck is a dedicated fretless neck. The second is a hybrid of fretless and fretted ( similar to one of the options in the SITARI above ). Each model is built to the player's specification - the desired operating key/tonal center determines the scale length. Neck may be solid or hollow or one of each. The player may also specify between solid body or hollow body design. Soldibody design is recommended for those looking for overall versatility including higher volume playing. The hollowbody design is the obvious choice for those playing in lower voulme acoustical settings.



Click on above models for photos and additional information

Fretless Tela: Fretless version of the TELA. Three versions to choose from:

          A) Solidbody: Mahogany or Korina ( white or black limba ) BODY with Mahogany NECK . Fingerboard choices include ALUMINUM ( extra presence ) and PHENOLIC, KATALOX or EBONY for a more compressed sound.

          B) Hollowbody: Hollowbody version with a Cedar, Spruce or Recwood soundboard, Mahogany carved sides and back.

          C) Double neck version: 1st neck is a standard fretted guitar neck which may include microtonal partials if so requested by player. 2nd neck has two options: fully fretless or a split fingerboard with one portion for three singles and second portion for a set of two courses or 3 courses - this neck combines elements of a fretless guitar with a saz.

FRETLESS CONVERSION SERVICE: We provide service for conversion of an existing fretboard to a fretless fingerboard. This service is available only for guitars w/ bolt-on neck. Service will include removal of frets followed by machining a portion of the fingerboard off and installation of a fretless fingerboard. Also include is trueing/polishing of new fingerboard and a set-up of guitar w/ new strings. Several options are available:

BASIC: above service, no side dots $ 295

DELUXE: inc. 7th and 12 th fret side dots add $ 20

ADVANCED: inc. side dots at 3,5,7,9,12,15,17 and 19 positions add $ 50

ULTIMATE: side dots throughout add $ 100

Fingerboard choices: Aluminum, Phenolic, Katalox or Ebonu. Prices include all materials and shipping to destinations within Eastern half of USA.