Your Daddy's tele' never sounded or looked this good.Designed back in 1992, the 'Tela was originally designed as a thin hollowbody AKA Jazz 'Tela. With a body design loosely based, but modified, on a well-known vintage shape, the concept was to craft an instrument that really felt and played like a solidbody but was constructed like a jazz hollowbody. Interestingly enough, with properly selected woods and special bracing design, the Jazz 'Tela produces a very full and round sound. The combination of the smaller body shape and thickness tunes the body to a lower fundamental pitch which is in turn is heard in the sound of the instrument as it's played. You'll hear a strong and full fundamental, plus overtones, with next to no feedback under most amplified playing situations.Also available as a solidbody, 'Tela SB, for those who just like solidbodies.

Baby Tango
    Our Tango Petite available as a 1/2 size solidbody known as the Baby Tango.