Basso Profundo 4/Pinocchio 5/Kai 6

Basso Profundo: This is a 4 string bass with either a semi or fully hollow body. Most 4 string basses tend to be solidbodies so I offer something different to fill the void. Unlike most basses, the Profundo is very lightweight and produces a warm, woody tone. Available fretted or fretless, with or without piezo. As an early design, the Basso Profundo remains as the flagship LGC bass.

Pinocchio: With a body reminiscent of the Kai 6 , the solidbody Pinocchio features a short cutaway on the treble side which allows full access to the 24th fret. Conversely, the upper cutaway and the tip of headstock is accentuated much like the nose of the character it's named after - you cannot tell a lie on this bass!

Kai 6: The Kai 6 comprises of a special neck and body joint which is both neck thru and bolt-on. Using a proprietary wedge design the neck thru is wedged to the body in a unique interlocking fashion yielding an instrument that exhibits charcteristics of sound of both the neck-thru and bolt-on design. With several different woods options, the instrument is also available with a pickup and piezo or magnetic pickups only option.


    (Basso Profundo) 4-string solid or semi-hollow body bass hand-crafted from select woods ranging from redwood (light weight, dark sound), soft maple, walnut and mahogany (medium weight) to heavier and brighter sounding woods such as zebrawood and satinwood
    (Pinocchio 5) Four or five-string solidbody bass with body of hard or soft Ash, Maple, Wenge or Mahogany. Several wood species optionally available as a drop-top. Pickup and/or piezo type custom per order.
    (Kai 6) Six-string neck-thru or bolt-on solidbody bass. Neck-thru version features a proprietary neck and body connection that is both ' neck-thru' and bolt-on. Body core is of Mahogany, Maple or Ash. Drop-top may include Koa or Figured Maple w/ Mahogany core or Koa w/ Maple core.
    one piece or laminated bolt-on neck with fully accessible 24 fret ebony or phenolic fingerboard
    threaded inserts imbedded into the neck prevent slippage, loss of sound and deterioration of the critical neck-to-body joint
    standard features include graphite bar neck reinforcement and a two-way adjustable truss rod
    Sperzel machine heads
    pickups of customers choice from the Basslines or Bartolini line
    Hipshot bridge of aluminum (bright) or brass (darker) with custom string spacing
    handrubbed oil finish


(Basso Profundo) lower bout: 13.25" - 14", overall length: 45", thickness: 1.75"

(Pinocchio) lower bout width: 12"  body thickness: 1.75" 2.25" lower bout width: 12"  body thickness: 1.75"

(Kai 6) lower bout width: 12.5" body thickness: 1.75"

5- or 6-string neck . fretless . choice of round, semi-flat, or v-shaped neck profiles . custom string spacing and neck width . semi-hollow or fully hollow body . piezo transducer bridge . custom wiring . personalized inlay designs . lacquer finish(body) . Leo Quan Badass II bridges

    magnetic pickup(s) only.
    magnetic and piezo
    magnetic and piezo w/synth drive
    custom nut width
    custom neck profile which includes: C-shape, D-shape, asymmetrical and semi-flat ( 5 and 6 string models)
    Special Custom Option: fretted/fretless hybrid. Customer may consider this unique feature in