Sadari: A special string instrument with two available variations:

A) FRETLESS : Hollowbody fretless string instrument with aluminum fingerboard. Special features include:

          - Solid neck or optional hollow neck for extra resonance. Solid neck option yields flat response with slight 

          compression. The hollow option is livelier and less compressed.

          - Each version is customized to player's specifications. Custom options include:

          A) 27.5" scale - tuning fundamental B or C

          B) 30 " scale - tuning fundamental  F# ~ A

          C) 33.3" scale - tuning fundamental C# or D

B) HYBRID : This hollowbody comes with up to 3 different removable/exchangeable fingerboards:

          A) Fretless/fretted hybrid - split fingerboard built to player's preference. Strings can be single or coursed 

          or a combination of the two.

          B) Fretted fingerboard, with or without scallops. Optional " jawari " bridge. Tuning temperament customized 

          player's specification.

          C) Fretless - same specs as in version A

          Same scale options as in the fretless version.