Class 7 - Acoustic Guitar Repair

This is a two part class. The first class serves as an introduction to repairs specific to the acoustic guitar, steel-string or nylon.

Such instrument of the student in addition to one provided by the school will be used to show the student how to inspect an acoustic guitar for potential problems specific to its delicate construction.

The second part of the class will address the correction of the problem found in the particular instrument and may include one or several issues such soundboard cracks, loose bracing or removal and reinstallation of a loose or damaged bridge.

Class 7 PREREQUISITE: completion of Class 1 through Class 6.
REQUIREMENT: Student will need to bring one or two acoustic guitars for repair evaluation. The chosen instrument will then be brought to the second half of the class for restoration.

SPECIAL NOTE: This class is an OPTIONAL Class and is not taught at the LA Guitar Factory location. It is privately taught by South Carolina luthier Tom McLellan. Those interested in this class should contact Ari Lehtela on this website or on Facebook page " lehtela guitar craft luthiery school " or by calling ( 704)599-4410 to discuss scheduling of this class and the current cost.