LUTHIERY SCHOOL ENROLLMENT YEAR BEGINNING  SPECIAL ! We have a special LUTHIERY SCHOOL OFFER ! - Class 1 is FREE for all new students enrolling in our School program . This special is valid until March 2018.                

To ENROLL contact us by email or phone ( 704 )599-4410. ENROLLMENT can be made by mailing a deposit of $ 50 to:

LEHTELA GUITAR CRAFT   ,    PO Box 692     ,   Newell NC 28126


LUTHIERY SCHOOL UPDATE - A comprehensive manual relating to LUTHIERY by Ari Lehtela is nearing completion. This manual will cover the entire curriculum of LEHTELA GUITAR CRAFT LUTHIERY SCHOOL.         Step-by-step instructions will also be accompanied with detailed handrawn illustrations for further elaboration.

The manual will be made available to :



Date of issue will be announced on this website.




In addition to our comprehensive GUITAR related services, we are now also a destination for monthly concerts

featuring local and regional talent. The concerts are held on a one-SUNDAY- per month basis and schedule for 

upcoming shows will be posted on this site as well as at www.laguitarfactory and facebook. The address of the

venue is : LA GUITAR FACTORY,   8125 Old Concord Road - suite D, Charlotte NC  ( phone: 704.599.4410 )

Seating is limited ( 15 to 20 max ) so we recommend those interested in a particular show to contact us to secure a seat. Admission is $ 6 front-row, $ 5 general seating, payable by cash or check. Complimentary beverages will be provided for guests.


                                             2018 Music Listening Room Concert Series


CONCERTS WILL RETURN in APRIL of 2018 with details of performers, dates and times posted here and at www.laguitarfcatory.com and on FB @ LAGF Listening Room Concerts.

Contact us here on our contact page or call ( 704) 599-4410 if you're interested in taking part in our concert series as a performer. Format can be solo, duo, trio or possibly a quartet. Our preference is to feature performers of artists with originality, be it of retro or progressive nature - creative as opposed to commercial !  

Our " venue " can also be a destination for your special music event such as a cd-release party.