HOURS OF OPERATION: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

To make an appointment: call 704.599.4410 or contact by email : telaguitar40@gmail.com

or contact on FACEBOOK by messaging on the LA GUITAR FACTORY page


LUTHIERY SCHOOL ENROLLMENT YEAR BEGINNING  SPECIAL ! We have a special LUTHIERY SCHOOL OFFER ! - Class 1 is FREE for all new students enrolling in our School program . Special is valid when enrolling in June 2020 only.

To ENROLL contact us by email or phone ( 704 )599-4410. ENROLLMENT can be made by mailing a deposit of $ 50 to:

LA Guitar Factory   ,  PO Box 691 ,   Newell NC 28126


LUTHIERY SCHOOL UPDATE - A comprehensive manual relating to LUTHIERY by Ari Lehtela is nearing completion. This manual will cover the entire curriculum of LEHTELA GUITAR CRAFT LUTHIERY SCHOOL.         Step-by-step instructions will also be accompanied with detailed handrawn illustrations for further elaboration.

The manual will be made available to :



Date of issue will be announced on this website.




Regarding LISTENING ROOM CONCERTS : None scheduled but will resume if we return to " back in the day "...


IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION : We take precautions to ensure the safety of all that visit or are enrolled as a student in our luthiery school program. Out of respect to our customers, visitations and student sessions are conducted on an appointment basis - this will usually mean that we serve the public on a one-by-one appointment basis. Students are encouraged to be properly prepared to partake in a class so with that in mind please consider the following:

- bring along a bottle ( or two ) or other type of a container of water as woodworking involves the creation of wood dust ( which we control to a degree with vacuums and dust extractors ) which can have a dehydrating effect on the person.

- bring along a DUST MASK to lessen wood dust ( and other possible pollutant ) exposure in addition to SAFETY GLASSES as well as EAR PROTECTION. PLEASE NOTE that this pertains to students enrolled in the 2nd YEAR of the program where we get into actual woodworking and usage of various hand and power tools which will produce wood dust and noise ( power tools ).

- under no circumstances DO NOT COME to visit or for a class if you are feeling ill in any way so as not spread your condition to others. One should rest and not be woodworking and be exposed to wood dust when feeling sick.

- Please DO NOT CONSUME any alcohol, prescription or other drugs on the day of your session !

With these in mind your experience should be both educational and mindfully healthy and pleasant.

Please also note that while we will enroll students starting at the age of 15, those between the ages of 15 and 18 need to be accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian for the entire class session which is usually of a 3 hour duration per session.